Sunday, November 7, 2010

That Boy is a Monster: The Dead Rise Again

Out with the vampires and in with a different kind of corpse, eh?

The Walking Dead is an American television series based on a comic series of the same title by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. On October 31, 2010, AMC premiered it with a 90-minute episode during their Fearfest. In true Rabbit fashion, I missed it, and only watched it this morning on, where they will be steaming the pilot--only the pilot--for free. Tonight, the second episode is airing, at 10/9 central. Hopefully, I'll catch it this time.

All in all? I thought it was great for a first episode.
Typically, zombies are presented in quick bursts with little characterization to the true hype behind them; survival. Video games express that well enough, but like movies, they're limited. And for this fact, I was instantly psyched. There's a certain leniency allocated to shows that aren't available to game producers and movie directors. Mostly, that would be time. You can pump out episode after episode and build up, whereas the alternative is to hook the audience, sell the product and pray it floats when you ship it out, all in a matter of 120 minutes or a CD's worth of work. And one shots like that are strictly hit or miss.

But this? Oh, this could grow on you.

We open with an unnamed character leaving his vehicle in search of gasoline. He treks down from the road, makes his way around a few upturned and abandoned cars, and advances on some pumps. A sign stops him short, however, as it reads; "No gas." He idles around for a moment,

Mind you, this is all purely fictional, however, I understand that
even fiction can be powerful enough to stir up strong emotions.
I would not recommend this series to anyone who might be
sensitive to the macabre or otherwise grotesque imagery.

Humans and animals both are going to be munched and chomped and
riddled with bullets throughout the series, as exemplified in the first episode alone.

You have been warned~.

Happy Walking.

Heh. Well. See? I tried. I always try.

I have so many ideas and so many talents that I could use but, I just. I don't have the time.

I never have the oppertunity to focus on any one thing...

It really... just. Bums me out.

I tried to write that... the week... before... last? I don't know. Probably about two weeks ago.


But happiness tops it all!

Know why?

Because I received a letter in the mail last night.

It was from my college of choice. :D

Question of the Day: What are you passionate about? Share some of that passion with me and the rest of my readers.

And a side note: You know. I'd really like to have full on discussions for some of these questions.

If you feel a comment box is too cramped, go ahead and write a blog. Link me to the response.

Let's have a chat! I'd love it. Intelligent conversation, mmm<3.

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  1. o3o You should write more reviews, beloved! When you have time, of course.

    Fck the world, you're coming to live with me. ;u; Finally. Just a matter of time.

    What am I passionate about?

    Yew. o0o

    And the gaming industry, but I've no time to write about that right now.

    So "yew" will have to do for now, and I already wrote a blog on that, didn't I?

    I love you.