Friday, November 5, 2010

Clouds of Sulfur In the Air

And it is time for a rant!
A somewhat rant.

Am I even capable of really ranting something out?
Not like others, I don’t think so… Not often.


I live with my younger cousin, ----. He’s ten, I’m almost eighteen—we’re going to butt heads. That is the inevitability of being so distant in age, right? He’s a boy and I’m a girl. More butting heads, yay. He’s also an only child. And I… am an orphan. It’s two totally different worlds.
I knew we weren’t always going to get along peachy-keen, especially with his hormones setting track for puberty and all of that pish-posh, but eh. The boy is a nuisance sometimes, plain and simple. I love him, really I do, but it’s pretty pathetic that I have to leave angry notes on the bathroom mirror asking him not to use my toothpaste to clean the wall.

All of the things he does really only leads down to one thing; maturity. His mother has told me countless times that it takes men longer to mature than girls. Give or take ten years, that’s about her estimation; twenty-five for women, thirty-five for men to start acting like true blue adults. And I’m not entirely arguing with her, man. I’ve seen the examples and I’ve seen the exceptions. I’m a believer~.

The peeve that I’m addressing is… what? What would you call it? Sportsmanship? Competition? It’s just that attitude, that game-face sort of mien that really pisses me off sometimes. It drives me nutty when a person can’t play a game, or compete at something with others, and leave the turf with the attitude dropped. If you can’t handle it, why are you even doing it?
My little cousin has an Xbox 360—along with every other damn gaming system in creation—and recently purchased a month long online membership. His parents are cutting him off when it ends, thank the gods. They don’t like it because he’s on there talking to people and so on and well, they can’t monitor it. His mum is mostly upset with the fact that he’s been running around saying “faggot” and “butt-wipe.” Again, I can’t help but agree. In fact, I really don’t think a ten year old should have much of an online access to anything unsupervised in the first place, you know? No trial runs about it. Too bad, kid, pitch your fits.

What his parents don’t seem to entirely notice? ---- has this thing about games. If he’s not winning, no one is winning because he ends up in tears and rocking to daddy. If he is winning, he either rubs it in everyone’s face and acts like a cocky little snot, or he just. Spams the same moves over and over, until you’re so frustrated that you want to clock him with a sledge. That attitude? That aggressive, in-your-face attitude? After playing Halo for even a few minutes, he’s got it in full-range, with the seekers out.
He’s a good kid. Polite. Sweet, even. (He has a crush on Miss Lanna!) But when he gets off of that game, he has a totally different persona. I can deal with pesky nagging, or even being called a spud-head, but when he’s just plain bitchy? Shut the hell up! Just. Shut up! Or I will strangle you, demon spawn! ~ u ~
I’m not a violent person until I’m provoked. Then I grit my teeth, or I lash with my tongue. But there have been instances where I’ve wanted to smash his Xbox and twist up that little headpiece he uses to talk to whoever the hell is willing to have their profile stalked that day. I think I’ve shoved him maybe once… But I'm never violent. Still, I end up grinding my teeth and biting back a few murky words.
It makes me wonder if it's my own tempter that has such a short fuse or is it the stress? Or is it that ---- knows all of the right buttons to push? I hope I'm not one of those people that react with their fists when it comes to a tense situation. I've always been so silent. I prefer it. My anger smolders, then fizzles out and dies away, and I get this I-don't-care mien.

While I'm on the topic of ----, can I kind of complain about something else?

Why doesn't this boy know how to shut the door when he's peeing? No, seriously, guys. Our bathroom is literally right next to the front door--I've been hit in the nose once or twice by said door coming out of the shower. So, how is he so comfortable? With me right there on the couch. I just. It's so. Disgusting. I don't want to accidentally get a view of your adolescent wang, I don't want to hear you miss the toilet, and I don't want to hear your appreciative little grunts when you finish up.
I'm pretty sure that if I ever were to get married or even move in with a boy/girlfriend? I would feel just the same about them, no matter how personal and close our relationship had gotten. I'm one of those people that doesn't enjoy vulgar humor, cringes when people giggle and say something about their different bodily functions and recesses; I just don't like it. I'm prim. Proper. Not all of the time, no, but I will crinkle my nose if you're acting like your flatulence is just the most fascinating thing on this planet.

Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud.
So, Senior pictures. 45$ for the cheap-y school ones or 150$ for a session with a photographer?
Choices, choices, choices.

Question of the Day: If you’ve ever had a pen pal (or wanted one?), what were they (/ would they be) like? Did you keep in contact or did it flop?


  1. My brother and your cousin would get along so very well =u=. I never understood the door thing either! Justin never shuts the freakin' door. I've accidentally seen my brother's penis so many times it's just... augh.

    QOTD: I actually have had a pen pal before. Her name was Mandy and she was a sweet girl. She had a brother my age too. He was cute. Our pen palness lasted for about a month but then flopped.

  2. ... Am I the only one on the planet with a sweet, easily humiliated, shy, awesome younger brother?

    I think so. =D;

    -hugs- ;u; If I could share Josh with you I could. it possible to adopt people as siblings yet? D:


    I think I had one. Or two. I was bored online in junior high and after a few months if not less they flopped. Don't even remember them. Actually, one was a chick who was in college at the time; we bonded over sailor moon fanfiction. o3o Her name was Jacqueline! She was cool.

    Then she kinda faded away o3o -shrug-



  3. I don't understand how anyone at any age could stand using the bathroom with the door open. I couldn't even do it if I so much as thought someone would hear me. Maybe I'm just not masculine enough.

  4. Oh, no. I agree, Kridley.