Friday, November 5, 2010

Inside Jokes and All the Folks

Dear Jamie - HelloGoodbye

"Isn't poetry all about symbolism?"
Yes, why yes it is~. Sometimes.

I suppose depending on how you look at this,
It could either be very cryptic, or very straight-forward.
Take it as you will. /shrugs. It is for my Moon~.

Could I wrap you up in silver threads
Like the water on which the moon treads?
Sprinkle gentle heaps of stardust in your hair
To forever remind me that you are there?

And when the sun should rise again

With fiery tongues there and then,
My hands as swift as bird's wings
With skin cool like porcelain things,
Could I soak up the joy in your smile
With the warmth of it lasting a while?

Would you let me drink in your quirked lips
Loop my arms around your softly swaying hips?
Can I draw down your shoulders in my fingers
And trace your spine where my mark still lingers?

The words fill up the skies, darting among clouds
And we pluck them down like scarlet shrouds,
Our ears once filled with the boisterous volume
Of a thousand songs in their most vibrant of bloom,
And we ask the questions that trail our sleeves
Like Autumn's children all speckled with orange leaves.


  1. I wish I had the time to make this longer...

  2. I REALLY liked the one. I think it may be my favourite poem you've posted here as of yet.

  3. Anonymous8.11.10

    Oh, sissy. I love itt <3