Well, They Do Say...

I'm the kid that referred to chicken pox as the plague when they started showing up on all of the kids in my cpu class.
I'm the kid that told scary stories in the sandbox at recess and sang to the trees and dreamed up a new world for myself.
I'm the kid that played pretend because I had no toys and actually enjoyed myself, so much so that I do it to this day.
I'm the kid that beat up all the boys and saved the damsels in distress when goblins were threatening their white petticoats.
I'm the kid that has stolen a book from school each year ever since I got away with stealing A Midsummer Night's Dream.
I'm the kid that acknowledged wearing a dog collar was a knock on The Man and wore a cat collar with a bell on it instead.
I'm the kid that scored just shy of genius, that could have siezed the world but rather preferred to take it by the hand.
I'm the kid that grew up to be this eccentric writer personage with the fashion sense of a homeless, new age hippy.
I'm the kid that tread too far from the beaten path, the one that's skipping about the milestones with a thoughtful half-smile.
                                                                                                     I'm the kid that never was. (: