Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If I Could Find A Way

I've had this song stuck in my head. All. Day.
Which is funny because for once, I can't really relate it to my current situation.

In fact, I'm bloody fantastic. Exhausted mentally as well as physically, but. 3 weeks. I have seven? Six days of high school left? Then I will be returning home. There are moments throughout the days where it will dawn on me, as if it were some new, unexpected realization. And I am floored in each instance. For how long have I dreamnt of being home? I think at this point, all I can do is reiterate the elation that I've expressed in other blogs, but... Just... I'm so happy. So freaking excited.

Last night, my aunt and uncle both actually expressed excitement with me. Together! It lasted for the whole of maybe two minutes... Either way, though. They did it! And it was so nice. I had tried on my dress and my graduation gown, checking to see if everything would work out right. And they both promised they would be there and... I wish there were a way to pour the gush that is flowing from my every orifice into this blog, but ti's so hard to type.

I'm just happy. ;u; Tired, stressed, and a bit overwhelmed, but happy.

Question of the Day: Ever been bailed on in an instance where you were doing a favor to the ditcher?

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