Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Said the Banshee

It's like gold dust~
Flowin' through your speakers.

Love that song. =u=

She reminded us of the wind.
Her clothes were loose. She wore bracelets upon bracelets that jingled and wrapped about each other.
When she moved, it was as though even the flesh on her ivory stem pulsed with the sort of liveliness that was so akin to a breeze. Imperfect yet abruptly fluid, soft as moonlight and as smooth as the stones at the bottom of an aging river. Her face peered from beyond a veil of yawning curls, a spill of frost lost in autumn’s groves that gently tossed with the rhythm of her gait.
Her fingers silently darted through the air, orchestrating a symphony, tapping the keys of a piano, and plucking at the chords of a harp all at once. It was as though the song was endlessly building, tempted to shatter the host of its breadth, longing for a voice. Her digits sped along unseen stairs, soared in great curves, held tight, kissed the air—dwindled unceremoniously, and dipped into rest.
Satisfied, the musicians bowed and folded amongst themselves until next they had strength to continue the ceaseless piece which mingled in her palms.

Not neccesarily about me, but then again, it sort of is. I don't know. -shrugs. I've been in a really awesome mood lately so I decided to write something. Now that I think about it, my style of writing kind of makes me think of The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. Can you see the connection or am I just being nutty? Either way, I love that story. (Figures it would be about murder, ne?)

On a side note: I hate it when I hear people tell their kids, "You can do anything!" For one, they limit you from the start, so technically. You can't. For two, let's use a simple example. I'm a young woman. And I'm gay. I could NOT be the president, no matter how hard I tried to work among the politicians of today. Maybe in a later year.. if presidents are even still an accredited office by then. (Not that I want to be president.)

That also brings to mind.. I wonder if the gay vote would win an election. O3O

Stupid Economics makin' me all depressed and introspective. Do you see the fault in your stupid graduation requirements America!?

.. Anyone feel like dancin'? Viva la swing~!

Question of the Day: Writers often use the first appearance of a character to display how they will later add to a story they are in. Do you ever like to think on how you would be perceived if you were a character in a narrative? Would you be flanked by cracking lightning or would you be lost among the crowd?


  1. -kisses- I don't read as much as I should. You have to bring your books and give them to me, so I can read again. ouo

    Your writing always makes me feel so enchanted and inside whatever world you paint. I am possessed by thine words. owo

    Hm, me in a narrative? Well, I think we've put ourselves in narratives plenty of times. I don't think I can quite pick what one way I would be perceived. -kissu-

    I love you.

  2. I love you<3. ouo

    And eh. I just. Have this habit of playing on an imaginary piano as I walk around school and stuff, so I... translated that silly little tick of mine to words. 'Cause I was thinking how crazy people must think I look with my hippy-hobo looks and so on. o3o