Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where Is Your Boy Tonight?

On that note~ continuing from my last blog...

Forgive me for the coarse language, but. What a dumb bitch.

What did I expect, though? This is the south. Analytical skills obviously fall behind knowing how to cut a cow up for dinner. Yes, yes. In the professional world, we will rarely please our client on the first try. However, I feel I deserve this opportunity to truly just tear her down. --Him, her; It's arguable as to what 'she' is. Apparently there's an Adam's apple involved..-- I think I would be wholly amused if she found this blog somehow.
Though, I almost doubt that she knows how to navigate the interweb...
She's been putting off uploading her ezine since the beginning of summer. Maybe I deserved a response such as hers, for I did truly only pull together that little entry in the culmination of two hours or less. Still. Easily enough, you could understand what was written? Yes, it was lacking certain plotted points. Details. Etc. But that was the point and the dolt didn't seem to be able to comprehend that.
I must have asked her countless times over the phone when we first spoke with each other. I wrote her emails and responses that were in plain, simplistic english. I even stroked her ego once or twice for good measure--because all employers like a lap dog right?--and still. I don't think I would be quite so upset and frustrated about this whole affair if not for the fact that she couldn't even respond to me. She had someone under different initials respond to my latest email. And they couldn't even use proper grammar?
The entire thing was unprofessional from the start. I'm seventeen and I understand that much.
Still, I acted as amiably as I possibly could have. Because it's the courteous thing to do.


What, I wonder, would mine so few viewers do if I were to purchase a book on proper etiquette and create little narrations of some sort instructing one on how to establish a respectable air in public or in a social situation? I could make it amusing and get help from the cherished Miss Lanna and so scandalous Rin~. Fenrir might enjoy lending me a hand too. Hum, hum, hum~ /taps chin.
Ha. And now I stray from the plotted course.

Question of the Day #3: What would you like to see from the british-accented--or maybe not so accented?--Rabbit in the future?


  1. I wish I could find someone. Anyone. Who I could speak to. Intelligently about literature and the like.

    Any Shakespeareans hanging around here~?
    /look under a boulder. o0o

  2. I could suggest some things, Miss Rabbit, but I wouldn't be fond of sharing them ;3 If you know what I mean~

    I think you should do a video log series of some sort of said etiquette, beloved. :) But that'd have to wait, wouldn't it? Well, we'll figure something out. We always do. <3