Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girl, I Can Make You Feel Okay.

We can be horribly cowardly.

I’m speaking entirely in generalities, of course. But as a whole, don’t you agree?

The other day in my Theatre Arts class, a boy was speaking with me about… Goodness, I don’t even remember. To put it in simple terms, he was flirting and I was trying to evade the topic. When that failed, I gave him my true feelings toward dating. It was one of those moments when you know that you’ve felt something for a while now but you’ve finally found the words to express it. It has a name now.

I think dating is pointless. Now, now, hold on a moment. I’m not saying this because I’m oh so distraught and heartbroken or anything of the sort. Hear me out; why do I think that dating is pointless? Because ‘dating’ isn’t even an accurate term for the whole thing anymore. ‘Dating’ is an excuse that is widely used and sadly, accepted by many, if not all.

How nice it is to have someone to go to for physical warmth, to know that someone is thinking of you. We all crave something. ‘Dating’ is our excuse to dip our hands into the cookie jar without worrying about an escape plan. Maybe it’s only in high school. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe I’m somehow just not seeing the exceptions. But how much easier is it to jump to the words; “Well, we were dating for a month, so it was okay!”

Right, honey, and you were engaged too, right?

No one seems to actually date anyone anymore. I don’t even think people ask each other out anymore. It’s just automatically assumed when they’ve been spotted making out in the corner more than once. Hell, I can’t walk to class with someone without it being major headlines that Rabbit finally has a boy/girlfriend! And I don’t. But that doesn’t matter.

Why did the definition of such a common social term get lot in translation when we never swapped languages? Dating, at least to me, is when you ask someone to go somewhere. You eat dinner, you watch a movie, you spend time together with the sole intention of spending time with that person. What is it that they say in Texas… I’d never heard it before I moved here. It’s some ridiculous word for dating. A pet name or something.

Either way, all I see is a bunch of underage kids and their friends with benefits.

This blog hardly had a purpose beyond that short, distracted rant; Have some poetry.

Innocent Knowledge

She leaned forward to the tempting green

Only to fall back with a perspired sheen

The sun did not reach, too gone and tired

All of her frustrations so carefully misfired

Dampened by tears with the ache of time

Comes the woeful song she’s made of rhyme

Bells of the above ring, a sweet melodic gong

As all she’s known is suddenly, fretfully wrong

Trapped are her wounds; the blood of a martyr

Weakened, if only to be one moment smarter

Destiny has slain the once curious feline

Its graces no more than a smoothed brine

Out of the tunnel and high above her well

Stood her Father, the mistaken king of all Hell

“Forgotten, you are, my daughter,” he mourns

And the proverbial trial swiftly adjourns.



Crinkle thy reputable brow

Thou deigned demons of ‘how’

Turn up thy bloodied pig nose

And torment singular she of those--

Child of the mischievous Fae

Creatures of sinned night and day

Set her throat in an iron noose

And finally, finally cut her loose.



Question of the Day: What is the highest that your GPA has ever been?


  1. 4.1 ^-^ /sighs/ it could be higher. =m=

    Your poems are always so. Amasing. Even when they go riiiight over my head.

    As for the "Rabbit's got a boyfriend/girlfriend!" thing? I curse the fact that I couldn't escort you to class when I was in Texas. Because, oh, I would make sure they would never suspect anyone else being your beloved except me. >O -hisssss-

    I love you o0o

  2. Anonymous18.9.10

    3.9, I suppose.

    I really really liked Choke.