Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This, Thy Mental Soliloquy, Begins.

So very much to write, so very little words to expend~.
I will tell you right off that this blog could very take a very odd turn.
But I’ll allow you no detail further on that subject, for now.

For this introduction, I’ll rein in my typical writing style and lay out mayhap some simple facts.
To know me. Or rather, to better give you an idea of what you may be reading about, I suppose.

The people that I love, I truly do love, and am quite vocal of the love thereof.
I admire men like Hitler for their tactical genius and men like Hamlet for their runabout madness.
Steak just isn’t steak to me without blood pouring out when I stab it--but I prefer vegetarianism.
On the same topic of blood and such, zombies and the end of the world honestly get my clock ticking.
Shakespeare is the man that I have devoted my wedding ring finger to since sixth grade.
My family is a four man team; Alanna, Roddy, Brittany, and Amanda. They live behind my ribs<3.
I’m probably the most controversial person that you could meet and it only makes me more so to admit it.
I have been bisexual for as long as I can remember and I laugh when people tell me to make up my mind.
I have about a thousand nicknames and aliases but there are only really three voices in my head.
Reed is the bird latched onto my shoulder, my voice of selfish, ruthless reason.
Carlisle is the man atop my head, currently pulling the strings on my fingers and my decisions.
Blithe is the blind child in my core, though she has been with me before time.
Rune is the combination of these three and all their demons; she is the woman I’ll one day become.
I have been writing since I was in elementary school and I place many of my fundamentals on this activity.
If I were to ever be deemed unable to write, I would simply go mad then destroy myself--the world along with me.
I’m explicitly proud of every little thing about me that might confuse, bewilder, estrange, scare, or enchant another.
Faerie Wicca is the only religion that I have ever strongly related to, though I do meld it to my own quite often.
I have no especially opinions strong to note, for I am an almost clinically unstable case of indifference.
However, I am very good at pretending that I do. (:

And now, the Q.O.D. This shall act as a way to include you, my lovely reader(s).
On that note, most probably, the subject of the question itself will be entirely random and have nothing to do with the blog above it.

Question of the Day:
If cloning were to work, would that counter that we have a soul?
And if, say, that we do have souls, would that somehow jeopardize the well-being of its state?


  1. -Kiss-

    A lovely little glimpse into thine mind as to be expected, beloved. ^^~

    As far as your question of the day, the only thing that would counter our possessing souls would be a matter of faith. There is no proof of a soul; it's an abstract concept that humans gave to something they believe is there.

    As for your second question -- what DOESN'T jeopardize the well-being of the state of our souls lately? Logical proof conflicting with steadfast beliefs that are unexplainable already bring a lot of tension to the table. Cloning would just be opening up another can of the same old kind of worms.

    I've expressed my fear to you of this subject before -- as twisted as people are, clones would most likely end up being seen as lesser citizens, or even worse, placed on a farm for harvesting organs. Think about it -- you have a baby, and a clone of your baby that is kept elsewhere. If little Johnny gets into a car accident and needs a heart transplant, they have a clone in reserves to take it from so that little Johnny survives.

    Would that be wrong? Sacrificing a clone whose sole purpose was to be murdered for their original's benefit? What if we kept the clone in a test tube and never let them have full consciousness? Would that make it okay?

    There are so many, many issues and conflicts that are bound to occur with EVERY new invention, not just the subject of cloning. Hell, I still fear those darn Japanese and their robot technology are setting us up for something Terminator-like.

    Sigh! I love you. <3

  2. Nice to see your writing again, miss you girl. But honestly, I'm not sure how to answer those questions. It's one of those things where it baffles me to a point where I might go mad...but it gives me something to think over.

  3. And my dear Yuna, you have found the exact reasoning behind these Q.O.D.s. I hope that they'll leave my reader(s) thinking and possibly drive them just a little nearer to the insanity that so welcomely thrives within the confines of my own skull<3.

    You've won a scone, congratulations. (:

  4. Anonymous9.7.10

    Putting the concept of a soul aside which kind of clone are we talking about? A biological clone that has been born in a womb like any other human or a clone created by molecular biology? A biological clone is nothing but a human whose DNA structure has been altered to be an exact copy of another human being. If you do believe in souls a biological clone would have one.

    But when you go into molecular biology then it gets tricky. We haven't figured out a way to make a molecular clone yet and I don't think there's even something like a mere concept of a clone like that. In science fiction maybe but not in our reality.

    I'm far from a religious or spiritual person but for us to have something resembling our concept of a soul sounds logical to me. After all we haven't figured out all of natures wonders yet. There have been experiments confirming that humans can interact with each other on a non-physical level. Those are things like when you feel someone looking at you even though you don't see that person.

  5. Yay, I actually like scones :)