Sunday, April 10, 2011

Letter II - Lovefool

Dear Blank,

She asked me last night, “Do you think he thinks of me?” He being her future husband. It was cute.

And then it got me to thinking. About you! Kind of. Sorta.

I hope you aren’t somewhere thinking of me. Because if you are, the real me will never live up to your ideas.


Question of the Day: Life is a disappointment. But can you live with that?


  1. Oh yes the real you will. You will and you will surpass them.

    And yes, I can live with that. Because I will beat the bloody hell out of life until it's not a disappointment anymore. That's how I roll. -chu-

  2. I can live with that. <3 /cuddles
    Life being a disappointment, that is. As long as it's a happy disappointment?