Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's So, So, So Much Better.

Do you know what sucks?

A lot of things, honestly speaking.

I think at least two instances out of every day, one could find something to prompt just that feeling.

Today was my younger cousin’s birthday. He turned 13.
I’m related to him very loosely, you see, like a sheet of brocade sloppily pasted over cheap silk. He’s my married-in aunt’s brother’s son out of wedlock. As with all gatherings, of course family and friends are sure to be there, yes? Neighbors and the like. I all at once was overwhelmed with a sense of estrangement. Every face was either foreign or blurry in my memory, to a point that it was a miracle I could drag out a name when asked, “Do you remember me?” “Yeah, you’re Amy, right? Gage’s mum. I’ve seen you once before~.”
I honestly could not have said I knew anyone. I don’t even really know the people that I live with. /shrugs.
Sitting in the middle of a party where you are all but a stranger is not fun. What can make it less fun is when your phone decides to eat any signal it might be possibly receiving, of course. It sucks in a bitter sort of only-three-more-hours-to-go kind of way.

Eighteen glorious years of mistakes, regrets and decisions. Right on the cusp of that lovely thing called adolescence and at the brink of maturity. The only thing that really changes is, you can’t rely on being a kid to get you out of things anymore, though. Parties can make you realize that pretty blatantly. The toddlers gawk at you and giggle madly when you talk to them but don’t understand a word unless its being forced out through cupcake crumbs. The adults all sort of convene in these tight circles and if you’re not holding up a proud bottle of beer, then you might as well be hashing the cupcakes you were attempting to avoid.

My, do I ramble or do I not?

An amusing Twitter to follow: DrunkCupid.
Misogynistic winged men in all their underlying jury anyone?

I received a ridiculous forward tonight. From a number I have not seen before. Something of his thinking of me and for the lack of more sneaky ways to trick one into continuing the chain, if I were not to forward it, he would fall for another. And still, the words rung ominous in my ears. How odd it was, to think of something like that even mattering. Just words on a screen, designed to pluck at one’s harp.

I deleted it. /shrugs.

I’ve completed Howl’s Moving Castle. The book, of course. It was… well. Mayhap it will be my first book to review.

When I sat outside earlier, the only thing the wind seemed to bring me was a stomach ache.

I crave something bloody tonight.
Let’s start a war~.

Ah, and this.

The knight did not struggle half as much as she had before. Her breast plate hit the rough bark of the tree and dented slightly from the force of the blow. Still no outstanding expression or word came of her. Two of the four men swiftly bound her to the singular trunk. Her gaze rested evenly on the retreating Lady until the flimsy barrier of her tent blocked her vision. She noted that one of the knots about her chest were not as tight as they should have been, secured in haste.
A true sovereign.
The words echoed only once more in her head, then died, dropping from her conscious as a fluttering sheet of paper would once belted by the pains of some overcome drought. Still, she did not steal the sword within her reach as the soldiers stumbled away. Dubious fear and reproachful hate stagnated the air in their wake. Even as men considered slitting her throat in the night, she could only feel weary of battles past.
She closed her eyes.
And just as soon, it seemed she was shifting the ropes to find that knot. If she did not leave soon, there would be discontent in Sedona’s camp. This fact strummed at the back of her mind, insisting that her hands more just a bit more swiftly, that her plans come just a hint faster and more cunning as they do. Much like a trained escapist, she slipped out of her restraints, leaving no mark and making no sound.

Question of the Day
: What do you see when you close your eyes?

And a new--much rarer--addition to my blog:

Assignment of the Day: Tell me a love story that begins in death and ends in sex that ruins a vow.

'Up All night' - Hinder


  1. For the 'Question of the Day', normally if I am not tyring to replay memories in my head, almost always there is a form of patterns that take on many shapes. The most common would be a series of vine patterns with heart shaped leaves that vary from a deep gold to a gold and dark red combo.

    And for that story...I may need to think on that.

  2. Oh, that silly little knight. =u= I shall get you. In a latter blog.

    -kisses- I hope you feel better, beloved.

    Question of the Day: What do you see when you close your eyes?

    I see nothing, hear what is around me, and think of you. Always.

    And the assignment, I already told you.

  3. Anonymous22.10.10

    QOTD: It depends what I'm looking for.

  4. What I see when I close my eyes, is a blue-green circle, perhaps an eye looking back at me, it's strange, probably my own eye.